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You've arrived at this site as a first step in the process of choosing a body waxing professional.  Whether you are new to waxing or have visited other waxers in the past, there is a particular experience that you are looking for.  I hope you will join the growing number of Portlandians who have chosen Portland Waxing for their waxing needs.

My name is Lisa Wittwer.  I am a licensed Esthetician with over thirty years experience in body waxing.  I specialize in Brazilian waxing, for both male and female clients, and offer a full range of waxing services that address your individual preferences and needs.  I use only the highest quality products for your safety and comfort.  I have waxed thousands of satisfied customers -- as many men as women -- and it is that experience that sets me apart from the others in my field.

Over the years, I've had the privilege to wax men and women from six continents. My clients have included people from every walk of life, every cultural background, ethnicity and religion. I've waxed doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, scientists, politicians, cops, educators, engineers, service workers, fire fighters, actors and musicians. I've even waxed some of my own colleagues in the waxing business. Whether you're tall or short, fat or skinny, old or young, dark skinned or pale, gay or straight, rich or poor, you can feel comfortable knowing that I'm the waxer who's worked on someone almost as special as you.
Portland Waxing is quietly located on the second floor of Kiss-Kiss salon.  We have a comfortable waiting area upstairs and a private waxing room.  It is my goal not only to provide the most thorough waxing in town, but to alleviate the anxiety and discomfort often associated with the procedure. To my long-term clients, I am not only a body waxer but a trusted friend.

Please take a moment to look through my site.  I hope I'm able to answer any questions you might have.  If you need further advice or would  like to book an appointment, give me a call.  Thank you. 


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