Featured services
add ons
  1. Male Brazilian Wax (add cheeks for $15)
  2. Butt Crack Only
  3. Crack + Cheeks
  4. Male Invisible Brazilian (crack/scrotum,/shaft, tight)
  5. Bikini - Standard
  6. French Bikini
  7. Back (see note)*
  8. Stomach
  9. Chest
  10. 1/2 Legs
  11. Full Legs
  12. Arms
  13. Female Brazilian Wax
  1. Back of Neck (free with back wax)
  2. Under Arms
  3. Guybrows
  4. Ears
  5. Nostrils
  6. Detail package (ears, nose, brows)
* Back wax price includes any shoulder, top of arm and blending into chest hair as needed. The average back runs $50 - $65

Manscaping services (blend of waxing/clipping/trimming) is priced on an individual basis.

Feel free to ask about custom prices for custom wax services and discounts on multiple areas.
If you're going through the process of comparing prices, I'm confident you'll find Portland Waxing to be very competitive with other waxers in the market. Yes, there are discount waxers in town, but you're smart enough to know what that means, which is why you're looking at my site in the first place. As with any service, there is a range of prices and a range of experiences available, depending on who you choose. I use only the highest quality products for your safety and comfort and have the background and expertise to ensure that you'll leave my waxing room happy, knowing that your research led you to the best value for your money.

If you're wondering why the pricing in some categories is listed as a range, it's because those areas can differ widely from person to person in terms of the time and product needed for the procedure. Some waxers just calculate the average and set the price according to that. I'd rather charge everyone the price that reflects the actual work involved, so that no one gets the bad end of the deal. Again, I want to make sure that you're receiving the best value for all your services.

For specific information regarding men's waxing, including men's Brazilian waxing, be sure to check out my "For the Guys" page.